Risk Planning Consultancy by ISTC for the Development of a New Industrial City In West Africa


The International Safety Training College (ISTC) contributes its expert risk management consultancy to the strategic development of a new industrial city in West Africa. This initiative is essential for managing the complexities of such a significant project, and ISTC’s expertise in Integrated Risk Management Planning will play a crucial role in enhancing its success and sustainability.

Services Provided

ISTC provides a comprehensive suite of risk management services tailored to support the successful development of the industrial city:

  • Safety Risk Assessment and Management: Systematic identification, evaluation, and mitigation of safety hazards that could pose risks to construction and operational phases.
  • Health and Environmental Risk Management: Ensuring public and occupational health risks are minimised along with managing environmental impacts related to the project.
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response: Integrated Risk Management Plans to support the development of emergency response strategies and disaster preparedness plans to handle potential incidents effectively.
  • Training and Capacity Building: Providing training programs to equip workers and management with the necessary skills to identify, avoid, and respond to potential risks.

Commitment to Sustainability

ISTC commits to integrating sustainability into every phase of the project, with a particular emphasis on protecting local ecosystems and promoting health and safety in construction and operational practices.

Project Impact

The consultancy’s expertise facilitates the transformation of the new industrial city into a vibrant economic zone that boosts local employment, expands industrial capacity, and stimulates broader economic growth in the region. By effectively managing potential risks, the project is set to become a dynamic and sustainable industrial hub.

Contact Us

For further information on how the ISTC’s Risk Planning Consultancy can assist in the development of the new industrial city in West Africa, please do get in touch. We look forward to collaborating on this visionary project, ensuring a thriving and prosperous future for the community and all stakeholders involved.