ISTC Accelerates Global Impact with Training Initiatives Across the MEA

At the International Safety Training Council (ISTC), we're continually redefining boundaries, and the past 8-10 months have been no exception. With our strategic foray into the Middle East and Africa, we've been able to extend our transformative training services to multiple industries, including aviation, oil and gas, marine, and fire services. Our unwavering dedication to offering best-in-class training in fire-fighting, emergency response, disaster management, offshore and marine survival, fire safety, health & safety, and first aid has led to invaluable partnerships and prestigious recognitions.

In Kuwait, we have empowered numerous professionals from leading blue-chip entities such as the Kuwait Fire Force and the Kuwait Petroleum Company. Our programs enabled these professionals to master advanced fire and rescue techniques and equipped safety engineers to train others in the use of respiratory protective equipment competently. Additionally, we have proudly trained 88 individuals to an advanced confined space technician level on behalf of an international rescue company.

Amidst the challenging backdrop of conflict-ravaged Syria, we embraced the opportunity to remotely train the North East Syria Fire-Fighting Teams, formerly associated with the Syria Civil Defence. Our substantial contribution to the rebuilding efforts in Syria was recognised at a prestigious awards ceremony in London.

Furthering our Middle Eastern engagement, we have been delivering expert training in Oman to the Civil Defence and oil and gas companies. The collaboration has seen a large cohort of Omani officers develop into proficient trainers in Breathing Apparatus and Road Traffic Accident training. Moreover, we provided operational firefighting training to oil and gas firefighters.

In Africa, we have seen fruitful collaborations, notably with Prime Atlantic in Nigeria. Together, we delivered OPITO standard Incident Management training to a multinational oil and gas company and supported Prime Atlantic in securing additional accreditations for training oil and gas companies. Our operations in Libya, despite Covid-related interruptions, have recommenced with a focus on the aviation industry.

These international milestones highlight our relentless commitment to offering top-tier training and safety solutions worldwide. As the world continues to evolve, we at ISTC stand ready to meet the fluctuating needs of industries and organisations globally, marching forward with our firm belief that knowledge, training, and safety are pivotal for creating a more resilient and secure world.

About ISTC

The International Safety Training Council (ISTC) isn't just a training provider. We're a global community committed to making the world safer, more resilient, and more aware. We offer professional training services in fire-fighting, emergency response, disaster management, offshore and marine survival, fire safety, health & safety, and first aid. Across diverse sectors such as aviation, oil and gas, marine, and fire services, our high professional standards and innovative approach to training have become the cornerstone of safety, survival, and resilience.


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