Terms & Conditions for Booking – Training

Updated on 16/09/2021


Booking Arrangements:

1.1.      Bookings can be arranged by either online through our website, e-mail, telephone call or in person with a member of our Sales Department at International Safety Training College Ltd. Hal Far Road, Hal Far BBG3000, Malta.

1.2. Upon receipt of your confirmation we will send you by fax or e-mail a copy of the confirmed course booking details along with any joining instructions. These will advise you of what is required of you and/or any participant you book onto a course.

Should any part be incorrect please advise our Administration Department immediately and they will make all the necessary adjustments.

1.3. By confirming your booking you are accepting our terms and conditions on behalf of yourself, your company or any person you book onto a course. All confirmations of bookings should be sent to a member of our sales team by letter, e-mail or fax.

Should you have any queries regarding our terms and conditions please contact a member of our sales department immediately to discuss the issues of your concern.

1.4. If your company uses a Purchase Order system, please ensure that the relevant procedure is completed at least one week prior to the course commencement.

Course commencement date:

2.1. It is the company’s and/or delegate’s responsibility to ensure arrival before the course start time etc. This would have been detailed on our Booking Confirmation

and/or the joining Instructions. We will be unable to accommodate anyone who arrives later than one hour after the course commencement.

2.2. Delegates should bring with them formal identification (passport, driving licence etc) along with any equipment and/or clothing as may be necessary for participation

on the course as detailed within the Joining Instructions.

Pre-requisites and medical fitness:

3.1. It is your responsibility to ensure that you and/or any participant you book onto the course are fit, medically sound and otherwise able to fully and safely participate in

the relevant courses, as per the information on your joining instructions. You and/or any participant should also be in possession of all pre-requisites relevant to the

course prior to commencement. Failure to produce the correct pre-requisites may result in ISTC cancelling you or your delegates’ involvement on the course without

liability.  This shall be at the discretion of the Operations Manager.

4.0. Pricing and payment:

4.1. The total cost of your booking is detailed on our Booking Confirmation and wherever applicable this is inclusive of 18% Vat.

4.2. Prices, fees and charges are considered firm upon issue of our Booking

Confirmation. We reserve the right to recalculate the fees payable for each delegate should the delegate numbers change. The quote will only be valid for a period of 60 days.

4.3. Our prices do not include any applicable local or withholding taxes when working overseas on behalf of our clients. Unless this is stated and provided for at time of

booking, it will be added on when issuing our final invoice.

4.4. An additional 10% administrative charge will be applicable to any expenses incurred on your behalf not covered within the scope of our booking confirmation. These

charges are also applicable for Credit Card transactions.

4.5. Should you require our instructor/s to complete a company induction before travelling to your site, please note this will incur an additional charge (unless

induction takes place during confirmed booking dates e.g. day of departure to site or day of arrival on site.

4.6. Should a client request that certification be sent to an overseas address by courier then additional charges shall be invoiced for this service. Should the client opt to

have the certificates sent by normal postage service, then certification will be sent by this method at the client’s own risk of loss.

4.7. For those Companies that have pre-agreed credit terms, the invoicing date shall be the first day of the course and the terms of payment will be thirty (30) days from

such date. We reserve the right to charge interest at 2% above the base rate of the Central Bank of Malta on overdue accounts. Certification will not be released until payment has been received in full.

4.8. Payment from self-sponsored clients must be made either on the first day of the course or prior to commencement.

Cancellations and no-shows:

5.1. We reserve the right to cancel any courses which cannot be held for operational reasons, giving our clients, wherever possible, seven (7) days prior notice.

5.2. Should you wish to cancel your booking you must inform us of the cancellation in writing though our website or e-mail. The date on which we receive your notice shall be deemed the applicable cancellation date for calculation of any charges due.

The following cancellation fees shall be payable:

5.2.1. Training at ISTC Colleges

Less than seven (7) days notice 50%

Less than two (2) working days 75%

Less than 24 hours 100%

5.2.2. Training at clients’ site

 Less than fourteen (14) days 50%

 Less than ten (10) days 75%

 Less than seven (7) days 100%

6.0. Your responsibilities:

6.1. You, or any participant you may book on to a course, must behave responsibly at all times. ISTC embraces equality and diversity and all participants, from whatever culture, race or religion, are treated with fairness and dignity. Personnel who do not adhere to our Equality and Diversity Policy will be removed from the course.

7.0. Health and Safety policy:

7.1. When attending a course at our premises you and/or any participant you book onto a course must comply with our Health & Safety policy, a copy of which is on display at the course location and it is your responsibility to read and understand this policy, and to comply with all our instructions.

7.2. Equipment provided by clients for training at a client’s premises must be safe for use and compliant with local regulations and international best practice safety checks.

ISTC reserves the right to halt any training activity if, in the instructor/s’ professional opinion, the equipment is unsafe for use, or could cause potential damage to property, or harm to course participants.

8.0. Drug and Alcohol policy:

8.1. When attending a course at our premises you and/or any participant you book onto a

course must comply with our Alcohol/Drug/Solvent misuse policy, a copy of which is available at the course location, and it is your responsibility to read and understand this policy and comply with all our instructions. If any person is deemed to be unfit due to the abuse of alcohol, drugs or solvents, they will not be permitted to continue with the training course, and any pre-payments may be forfeited.

9.0. Clothing and personal property:

9.1. We do not accept responsibility for your property or goods that have been left unattended on the premises. These items can be placed in the company’s safe or locked in the classroom when empty but are deposited at the owner’s risk and

without liability on the part of ISTC.

10.0. Confidentiality:

10.1. All course materials and any other materials supplied to you and/or any participant you may book onto a course, are subject to our copyright and must not be copied, published or used in any way without first obtaining our express written permission.