ISTC: A Beacon of Excellence in Fire & Emergency Services – Recognized At the 2022 Awards

ISTC is a leading provider of consultancy and training services in the fields of fire fighting, emergency response, disaster management, offshore and marine survival, fire safety, health and safety, and first aid. With a team of experienced and highly qualified professionals, we are dedicated to helping our clients improve their preparedness and response capabilities in the face of any crisis.

Our training services are designed to provide individuals and organizations with the knowledge and skills to effectively respond to fire, emergencies, and other disasters. Our courses are tailored to meet our client’s specific needs and goals and are delivered by highly qualified and experienced instructors.

At ISTC, we are committed to excellence in everything we do. We are proud to be a trusted partner to a wide range of clients, helping them to ensure the safety and well-being of their employees, customers, and other stakeholders. So, we always strive to provide the highest quality services and solutions to meet their needs, backed up by the re-assurance of the wide range international accreditations held by ISTC

The International Safety Training College (ISTC) Malta was approached by a United States NGO to provide training and consultancy services in Syria, specifically firefighting. The NGO was engaged in capacity-building programs in Syria, including rebuilding the fire service, and was looking for a training provider to help address the impact of wildfires on the economy of North-East Syria,

In order to meet the needs of the Syrian firefighters, ISTC developed and delivered a bespoke training program based on international standards. Due to the prevailing circumstances in Syria, the training had to be conducted entirely online, using Microsoft Teams as the primary platform and WhatsApp as a chat group to address any issues that arose. Contingency arrangements using Skype were also tested.

The training program was delivered by an ISTC instructor in the UK, with the help of interpreters in Libya and supporting staff in Germany. The program was conducted in Arabic and designed to meet the specific learning styles and needs of the Syrian firefighters, who spoke different forms of Arabic than the Libyan interpreters. To overcome this language barrier, all parties agreed to use High Arabic, a more formal dialect, for the duration of the course. All teaching materials were also provided in Arabic.

ISTC also appointed a single point of contact (SPOC) at the company to manage all aspects of the training program, including training design and development, day-to-day coordination of instructors and interpreters, and learner performance management. The SPOC also served as the main point of liaison between ISTC and the lead officer/supervisor(s) in Syria and Berlin.

Despite the language, logistics, and technology challenges, the training program was deemed a success by the client and all key deliverables were met.

About the Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards:

The Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards 2022 is an annual event that recognizes individuals and organizations’ outstanding achievements and contributions in the fire and emergency services field. This prestigious award ceremony is an opportunity to celebrate the bravery, dedication, and professionalism of those who work to keep our communities safe from fire and other emergencies.

The Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards 2022 features a range of categories to honour the work of firefighters, emergency medical services (EMS) professionals, and other individuals and organizations involved in fire and emergency services. These categories may include awards for bravery, leadership, innovation, community service, and more.

The awards ceremony is typically attended by a wide range of fire and emergency services professionals, including firefighters, EMS professionals, public officials, and other community leaders. It is an opportunity for these professionals to come together and celebrate their important work, as well as to learn from one another and share best practices in the field. In addition to the awards ceremony, the Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards 2022 may also feature workshops, seminars, and other educational opportunities for attendees. These events provide an opportunity for professionals in the field to learn about new technologies, techniques, and approaches to fire and emergency services and to network with their peers. Overall, the Excellence in Fire and Emergency Awards 2022 is an important event that recognizes and celebrates the vital work of those who serve our communities in the fire and emergency services field. It is a celebration of their bravery, dedication, and professionalism and a chance for these professionals to come together, learn from one another, and share best practices in the field.