ISTC Delivers Fire and EV Safety Training to Kuwait Fire Force

The International Safety Training College (ISTC) is proud to announce the successful completion of a specialised training programme for the Kuwait Fire Force (KFF) in Kuwait. This comprehensive training covered two separate courses involving the fire investigation and safety protocols for electrical vehicles (EVs. This marked a significant milestone in enhancing fire investigation and emergency response capabilities in the region.

The training programme, conducted over several weeks, was tailored to meet the specific needs of the KFF, focusing on the latest techniques and methodologies in fire investigation and the unique challenges posed by electrical vehicles. The curriculum was designed to equip the firefighters and investigators of the KFF with advanced skills and knowledge, enabling them to effectively tackle fires involving EVs and conduct thorough investigations to determine their causes.

The partnership between ISTC and the KFF showcases a progressive stance towards fire investigation  and emergency response to alternative powered vehicles such as electric vehicles. With the global increase in the use of electrical vehicles, it’s crucial that the Kuwaiti Fire Force emergency services possess the necessary knowledge and skills to tackle these emerging challenges effectively.

Participants of the programme underwent intensive theoretical and practical sessions, which included hands-on training with the latest fire investigation techniques using real fire scenarios. The training was facilitated by a team of international experts from ISTC with extensive experience in fire investigation and EV safety.

The training has endowed participants with invaluable knowledge and experience, as noted by a senior official of the KFF. It has significantly prepared them to manage incidents involving electrical vehicles, which are on the rise. More than just enhancing operational capabilities, the programme has solidified the commitment to upholding the highest standards of safety and protection for the community.

The successful completion of this training programme signifies a major advancement in the KFF’s ability to manage fire incidents effectively, especially those involving the complex technologies associated with electrical vehicles. It also underscores ISTC’s role as a leader in delivering tailor-made safety training solutions to emergency response teams globally.