ISTC extends its joint venture with Wild Geese Group

We at ISTC are excited to extend our joint venture with Wild Geese Group for the delivery of OPITO accredited Major Emergency Management for the following:

OIM (Offshore Installation Manager Controlling Emergencies)

CRO (Control Room Operator)

MEMIR (Major Emergency Management Incident Response)

These OPITO Approved courses can be delivered at our training centre in Malta, under our joint venture for which our recent external OPITO audit returned a decision of ‘Approval Outright’.

We applaud the efforts of our teams for their hard work on achieving and maintaining these approvals to such a high standard. 

It’s worth noting that through ISTC & WGG these MEM Assessments and training can also be delivered remotely should there be any reason you or your company are unable to attend at the training centre in person.